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How Successful Carwashes Monetize Customer Wait Times

One of the reasons that carwashes are so popular is their convenience and speed: Even busy customers can have their cars cleaned while they wait, no appointment necessary. If your popular car wash isn’t encouraging those customers to spend additional money during their wait, you might be leaving profit on the table. Vending services and convenience stores are two popular ways to monetize customer wait times, but vending is by far the most lucrative considering that you won’t need to do any more work to add pure profit to your bottom line.

As distributors of vending massage chairs, Daiwa massage has worked with local carwashes for over a decade. Here are some tips for carwash owners looking to add a vending massage chair service to their business.

1. Offer customers an experience.

No one likes waiting, and sometimes delays happen. Offering customers vending options for things like snacks and games give them a better overall experience because they can enjoy the time they spend waiting. A vending massage chair is a perfect complement to a car wash and allows customers to relax and experience the health benefits of massage. They’ll enjoy the total experience of your carwash and will be more likely to return.

2. Make it easy for customers to spend more.

Shops and vending services are generally inexpensive, so it’s easy for customers to spend a few more dollars while they wait for their car. A vending massage chair usually costs $1-$3 for a few minutes of massage, and most users are willing to purchase at least $10 worth of a massage. The cash your chair collects is added profit.

3. Work with reputable vending companies to avoid overhead costs.

At Daiwa, we’ve made sure to create a massage chair vending product that requires zero overhead and no commitment. That’s because we work with small businesses like carwashes, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to succeed. Our massage chairs also have a great reputation and we have technicians all over the country to service them, so our carwash clients can trust us. If a vendor asks you to pay upfront costs or asks you to make long-term commitments, try renegotiating or consider another option.

4. “Rent” or Buy?

If you have a lot of vending customers, consider purchasing your own vending chair wholesale. In time, it pays for itself, at which point all earnings add to your bottom-line. Or, simply “rent” a reputable chair, which usually comes with free installation/setup, free maintenance, no rental fee and no obligation. This allows you to offer a new service and make more money without any overhead cost. Daiwa sells vending massage chairs wholesale, but if you only want to rent a chair from us you pay nothing upfront and pay no fees: instead, you simply split the vending profits. Choose whatever option makes sense for your business goals.

5. Be Customer-Centered.

Your waiting room is your brand, and your customers form a relationship with you while they wait. Remember to experience your own carwash from the perspective of your customers. Look around for ways to make improvements to the areas where customers spend the most time. Give them a complete experience by adding inexpensive vending activities like a massage chair that leave them feeling relaxed, calm, and happy. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Author Contact Information: Andres Soto at 833-542-1918 or email

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